Home Theater Subwoofer

My basement is divided in two parts - one half is the workshop and the other half is finished. In the finished half of the basement there is a wall which has for years been begging to be turned into a home theater screen.

This year I finally put it together...

Spreading Wood Glue the Easy Way

This is a great tool for spreading wood glue quickly and evenly over wood surfaces. It's a soft rubber roller called a "brayer", made by Speedball. This can be found in the ink stamping section of your local craft store.

Gymnastics Rings

I recently started working on some basic gymnastics skills, and I decided to use my woodworking skills to make some home-made rings.

Bedside Table Project

I made a pair of Shaker-style tables to go beside my bed.

Maloof-Style Rocker

I have begun construction of a sculptured rocker, based on the design of Sam Maloof. This will be a work in progress. I will make updates from time to time as I proceed.The inspiration (and instruction) for this project comes from Woodguy1975. He has offered a class to learn how to make a rocker like this, and the pics that follow document my construction progress. 

My Workbench

When I started my woodworking hobby, I quickly discovered that having a good way to hold your work is essential. Everything from hand planing to joinery, and even project assembly, all require a good solid flat work surface. I could “make do” without a traditional workbench, but it was not as easy or enjoyable as I knew it should be.

Krenov-Style Hand Plane

My first shop-made plane. This was a fun project, and resulted in a tool that I will be able to enjoy using. The inspiration to get this done came from my friend Woodguy1975, who was holding a class on making these planes.

Draw Boring Technique

This is a little “mini-tutorial” about the technique of draw-boring. This technique uses dowels to reinforce mortise & tenon joinery. The only difference is, the holes in the tenon are “bored” slightly offset, so the tenon is “drawn” into the mortise as you drive the dowel into place (hence the name).

I used this on the workbench trestle bases that I made for Woodguy1975, and also for my own workbench project.

Turned Mallet

This is from an article in Wood magazine (issue 156). I’ve never done much spindle turning… never had much interest in it, or a good project to use it on. This is probably the first “real” spindle turning project I’ve completed.

Shop cabinets project

These are the cabinets I built for my shop. The plans are from the “Modular Shop Cabinets” article in American Woodworker, January 2005 issue.