Spreading Wood Glue the Easy Way

This is a great tool for spreading wood glue quickly and evenly over wood surfaces. It's a soft rubber roller called a "brayer", made by Speedball. This can be found in the ink stamping section of your local craft store.

I found the 4" roller for about $10, and let me assure you it's well worth the money! I have used it for spreading wood (PVA) glue, plastic resin glue, and even laminate adhesive. It did get a little gunked up with the laminate adhesive because I used a little too much, but each time I have used this roller I have been able to get a nice even coat over the surface. It cleans up easily with warm water (for the PVA or PRG) or paint thinner (for the laminate adhesive), and still rolls like the day I bought it!


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