Turned Mallet

This is from an article in Wood magazine (issue 156). I’ve never done much spindle turning… never had much interest in it, or a good project to use it on. This is probably the first “real” spindle turning project I’ve completed.

It is made of Bolivian Rosewood, with a maple handle. I left the head about 1/16″ fatter than the article specified. It’s nice and heavy… currently the heaviest mallet in my shop. I think it should work well.

For the finish, I just wiped it down with some boiled linseed oil. I obviously didn’t do the wire burning… it may help a bit with the grip, but I don’t think this thing is going to go flying out of my hands!

This was a very simple project, should be fine for beginning wood turners. It’s just the right size for midi lathe owners. If you know basic spindle turning, this should be a breeze. There are no fancy beads, coves or other embellishments. Just need a roughing gouge, detail gouge, parting tool, and (if you’re worthy) a skew. The little notch on the end of the handle is made with the parting tool.

Actually the most critical steps in this project involve making sure your stock is jointed flat and square, and providing good clamp pressure during the glue-up to avoid nasty gaps.


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