Shop cabinets project

These are the cabinets I built for my shop. The plans are from the “Modular Shop Cabinets” article in American Woodworker, January 2005 issue.

I made the drawer pulls using two router bits, followed by two 15 angled cuts on the table saw. This shows the steps:

The upper cabinets were a lot simpler to complete than the lower cabinet, and the construction went a lot quicker. Once again, I’ve learned a lot from this fairly simple project. This was my first attempt at frame & panel door construction, but it all came together just fine – a lot easier than I anticipated.

The biggest goof I made was that I forgot to cut grooves for the shelf standards before I glued up the carcasses. So, I just notched out the ends of the shelves to fix the problem.

According to the AWW article, that open section in the middle cabinet is to display your hand tool collection. Well, OK… here ya go:


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