Bedside Table Project

I made a pair of Shaker-style tables to go beside my bed.


Maloof-Style Rocker

I have begun construction of a sculptured rocker, based on the design of Sam Maloof. This will be a work in progress. I will make updates from time to time as I proceed.The inspiration (and instruction) for this project comes from Woodguy1975. He has offered a class to learn how to make a rocker like this, and the pics that follow document my construction progress. 


My Workbench

When I started my woodworking hobby, I quickly discovered that having a good way to hold your work is essential. Everything from hand planing to joinery, and even project assembly, all require a good solid flat work surface. I could “make do” without a traditional workbench, but it was not as easy or enjoyable as I knew it should be.